Nazi Leader Jason Kessler Branding DC Rally As Alt-Lite, Pro-Trump

Nazi Leader Jason Kessler Branding DC Rally As Alt-Lite, Pro-Trump

Deep State Plant Seeks To Galvanize #Resistance Against Trump Before Midterms – Bloodbath Predicted By Both Alt-Right Leaders and Antifa

Neo-Nazi and Charlottesville rally planner  Jason Kessler is now ordering his followers to re-brand themselves as “Alt-Lite”, to carry American flags, and to align themselves with President Trump and the Republican Party at his upcoming “Unite the Right 2” rally in front of the White House on August 12, all in an effort to galvanize the Deep State #Resistance against the GOP right before the critical midterm elections.

In a recent YouTube video, Kessler, an admitted leftist provocateur and Occupy Wall Street organizer, has called for a march down Pennsylvania Avenue and speeches in front of the White House.

Right on cue, a Soros funded group, calling itself “DC Against Hate” suddenly sprung up, seemingly out of nowhere. On its web site, the group states that it is funded by groups such as “Black Lives Matter”, Maryland and Philly Antifa, Socialist Party DC, and, perhaps most ominously, Resist This, which is the new name of the violent Soros-funded “DisruptJ20” group well known for using terrorist tactics to oppose freedom of speech.

[Another Soros-funded AstroTurf rent-a-mob. American Spring, anyone?]

“DC Against Hate” is having their rally at the exact same time and at the exact same location as Jason Kessler’s “Unite the Right 2” rally. On their web site, they state:

“Jason Kessler will find no rest, no refuge, no respite.”, and:

“All out D.C. against against hate. We’ll show that fascists are not welcomed here and we won’t allow D.C. to be their playground.”

So, we have two Soros controlled groups, the Alt-Right, and Antifa, fighting it out to the death in front of the White House, right before the midterm elections.

The Alt-Right has had enough of Jason Kessler

Since his failed Charlottesville rally on August 12 of last year, in which one protester was killed and over thirty others were hospitalized, the entire Alt-Right movement has turned against Jason Kessler, after having realized that the entire event was a Deep State set-up.

In a desperate plea for credibility among the Alt-Right, Jason Kessler announced to his followers that failed Senate candidate, and full-time anti-Semite Patrick Little would be speaking at the upcoming Charlottesville anniversary in Washington D.C..

In response, Little stated:

“I’m not coming to your rally. Stop punching right, #HitlerDidNothingWrong.”

[Patrick Little told Jason Kessler “I’m not coming to your rally.”]

Like Jason Kessler and Deep State plant Richard Spencer, Patrick Little suddenly appeared out of nowhere, aligned with Donald Trump, and started attacking Jews and denying the Holocaust.

[Patrick Little, failed Senate candidate and Vape King of San Francisco]

Prior to becoming a professional anti-Semite, Little was an “Information System Coordinator” in the U.S. Marine Corps, and was deeply involved in designing tactical networks and cyber security.

Patrick Little ran against Senator Dianne Feinstein in California, and came in at 12th place, garnering less than 1 percent of the total vote. He has refused to concede the election, but no one really seems to care.

In addition to being snubbed and mocked by Patrick Little, the infamous “crying Nazi”, and admitted FBI rat, Christopher Cantwell, has distanced himself from Jason Kessler.

Cantwell said that Kessler’s rally is going to be a “shooting gallery” and has been warning people not to attend.

[Cantwell says to TheMadDimension (Jason Kessler) (Unite the Right 2) will be a “shooting gallery”]

In response, Kessler lashed out at Cantwell and Richard Spencer, calling Spencer a “Hitlerist” who has “Sieg Heil” parties.

[Kessler abandons the Alt-Right, attacking both Cantwell and Spencer]

Jason Kessler re-brands as “Alt-Lite”

After having been spurned and ridiculed by the entire Alt-Right, Kessler has been openly taunting white nationalists on social media, and bragging about how he has been working with a “Hispanic chick” and other “pro-white Hispanic friends” to organize the upcoming rally.

Just to rub it in, Jason Kessler said that Bryan Sharpe, a.k.a. “Hotep Jesus” will be speaking at the event. It is extremely doubtful that Sharpe would have anything to do with the Kessler or the Alt-Right, since after Charlottesville, he said that the Alt-Right is “now under the control of the ‘deep-state’ or whomever is also controlling Black Lives Matter.” It sounds like he might be onto something there.

[Hotep Jesus said the Alt-Right is controlled by whomever controls Black Lives Matter]

The situation is hopeless, but not serious

While Kessler is trying to paint a pro-Trump, pro-American, non-racist paint-job on his “Unite the Right 2” rally,  behind the scenes he is inviting and encouraging violent thugs and anti-American terrorist groups to attend and “provide security” at the event. He is again planning the event on an open platform, Facebook, with no concerns for the security of the attendees or the public, even after having been warned about lax communications security after Charlottesville.

Antifa groups have already infiltrated his planning group, and published screen shots which show that violent neo-Nazi Hammerskins and members of the terror group Vanguard America, will be at the DC rally.

At the same time, George Soros is mobilizing his “DC Against Hate” rally to coincide with the event. They have threatened to shut Kessler and the event down, by any means necessary.

Washington D.C. is 49 percent black, 14 percent Hispanic, and 76 percent Republican. Over 91 percent of DC residents voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election, will 4.1 percent voted for Trump.

Are Jason Kessler’s dupes so naive that they think that this area is prime recruiting ground for white nationalism?

What exactly are they hoping to gain by cowering behind police officers, while having bottles of feces and urine thrown at them by Antifa thugs?

The only possible conclusion that can be reached, is that the whole thing is a Deep State set-up, just like Charlottesville.

If Jason Kessler somehow manages to still be alive after the August 12 rally, you can bet that he will walk free, and whatever low-life skinheads and scumbags he dupes into attending the event will wind up in jail, facing decades in prison, just like James Fields Jr, Daniel Borden, Jacob Godwin and Alex Ramos are.

Once again, there be a convenient paper trail for the Feds to follow, complete with chat logs, photos, audio recordings, and IP addresses of all of the rally planners and attendees. It will be like Christmas for the anti-Trump, anti-American, Deep State operatives within the FBI and intelligence services.

One man, though, will be carefully watching the events unfold, while celebrating his best birthday present ever.

[George Soros, born August 12, 1930]

Deep State Plant Jason Kessler Planning Neo-Nazi Rally in D.C. on Anniversary of Charlottesville

Deep State Plant Jason Kessler Planning Neo-Nazi Rally in D.C. on Anniversary of Charlottesville

Former Occupy Wall Street Organizer Inviting Violent Neo-Nazi Prison Gang and David Duke to Rally – Seeks To Conflate Conservatives and President Trump with White Supremacy

Right on cue, in the wake of the Soros-inspired “Keep Families Together” rallies in which leftists are calling for open borders and the elimination of ICE, Jason Kessler, admitted leftist provocateur, and planner of the ill-fated “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, is organizing another ‘white nationalist” rally, this time in front of the White House.

Once again, we have a Soros linked provocateur trying to conflate President Trump and conservative Americans of all races, who are concerned with border security, with Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacy.

The rally is scheduled to take place on August 12th, which is the first anniversary of the deadly rally in which one person was murdered and over thirty were hospitalized when James Fields Jr, a member of the white supremacist group “Vanguard America”, allegedly drove his car into a crowd of protesters.

[Leftist Provocateur and Occupy Wall Street Organizer Jason Kessler]

Jason Kessler stood by and watched while the Charlottesville car attack was planned on his Discord server, and made no effort to try to tone down the violent rhetoric. After the attack, he said that the late victim, Heather Heyer, deserved to be murdered, because she was a “communist”.

Recent chat logs have revealed that Jason Kessler has asked whether the Alt-Knights, a violent, white nationalist street gang, will be attending the rally. Fred Arena, a.k.a. “McCormick H. Foley”, a member of the most violent and best organized Neo-Nazi prison gang in the world, the Hammerskin Nation, immediately chimed in. He said that he will be bringing between “7 to 15” of his Hammerskins to the rally, to provide “security”.

[Fred Arena, Neo-Nazi leader of the Hammerskins: “If we fully commit between us and maybe a few hammerskins. 7 to 15.”]

When the Hammerskin nation leader was asked what type of organization he headed, he replied “We are paramilitary and neo-Nazi”.

[Fred Arena, probably another  fed snitch, said “We are paramilitary + neo-Nazi”]

Paramilitary groups have already been banned from returning to Charlottesville, and open carry of firearms is prohibited in Washington D.C., which has some of the most strict gun control laws in the nation.

What could possibly go wrong?

[Hammerskin Nation Members]

Kessler said that he wanted “security in the outer perimeter” to “take down serious threats” to his group. “Dave Shyne” said that “We don’t really need anymore (sic) people with security backgrounds. Just strong men who can follow orders”. “Shyne” also stated “We are definitely going to need our own security. Doesn’t matter how it looks.”

In response to all of the back and forth about using violence and the optics of having strong, tattooed men with shaved heads guard him from Antifa, Jason Kessler once again encouraged violence. He told his followers “The main thing is that if we back down out movement is f***ed”.

[Hammerskin member showing off tattoo]

Just like he did in the planning of the Charlottesville rally,Jason Kessler is openly working with violent paramilitary groups to incite some sort of an “incident” in an attempt to tarnish both gun rights supporters and those who are concerned with border security.

Although most of what is left of the “Alt-Right” has been avoiding him like the plague, Kessler has been reaching out to Satanist and goat-blood drinker Augustus Sol Invictus, to speak at the rally. He has also mentioned inviting former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, and anti-Semites Paul Nehlen and Patick Little to speak.

[Jason Kessler inviting guests: “Like Pat Little, Paul Nehlen… perhaps David Duke]

The “Alt-Right” totally imploded after Charlottesville. Richard Spencer has been exposed as a Deep State plant, and has stopped speaking publicly. Matt Heimbach has quit politics completely, after being arrested for domestic violence, after being caught in an affair with his own mother in law in a trailer park. Christoper Cantwell, the “crying Nazi”, has admitted to working with the Deep State, by being a federal informant for the F.B.I..

Conservative Rep Paul Gosar has called for an investigation of Jason Kessler, and his connections to George Soros.

[Heroic Rep Paul Gosar smells a rat]

All of the former “Alt-Right” leaders have stopped holding public rallies, so it is hard to imagine who would be stupid enough to attend what appears to be a violent, Deep State “honey pot” operation, other than the most violent, unstable members of the Neo-nazi underworld.

Decent, law abiding, hard working Americans do not want to be associated with Neo-Nazism, Satanism, terrorism or swastika-tattooed prison gangs.

One has to ask, who would stand to gain, if conservatives and President Trump were once again conflated by the Fake News media with such sick, twisted, garbage human beings?

Deep State Agent Richard Spencer Endorses Child Pornography

Deep State Agent Richard Spencer Endorses Child Pornography

Alt-Right Leader Says Child Molesters Should be Supplied with Porn – Lashes Out at Conservatives Who Oppose Pornography, Pedophilia


{Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer now coddling the lowest of the low]

While President Donald Trump and normal Americans were celebrating the historic March for Life in Washington, D.C., Alt-Right leader and Deep State plant Richard Spencer was endorsing child pornography, and lashing out at conservatives who are against it.

[Richard Spencer outlines how child molesters will be coddled in his “ethno-state”]

In an interview, the admitted socialist outlined some of the policies that he plans to implement in his future “ethno-state”.

While discussing pedophilia, a topic which always seems to come up when Alt-Right leaders meet, Richard Spencer said:

“Giving them (child molesters) certain types of porn can actually prevent greater child molestation… In terms of the world we live in, I don’t oppose it.”.

Spencer then went on to attack Christians and conservatives, calling them “cucks”, and mentioning former Senator Rick Santorum by name.

“The cuck response to porn is actually identical to the feminist response. Rick Santorum would often say that porn inspires rape and hatred of women. No. It doesn’t inspire any of these things… If anything, it decreases rape. “

In October of 2017, media outlets were reporting that Richard Spencer’s close friend, known on-line as “TheBigKK”, is a suspected pedophile who gathered names and photos of everyone connected with the ill-fated Charlottesville rally on August 12th.


[Richard Spencer has been called out by others on the Alt-Right for his associations]

Spencer had gay rights activist and militant anti-capitalist Jack Donovan speak on three different occasions at his National Policy Institute (NPI) gatherings in Washington, D.C.. Donovan is the leader of a white supremacist satanic cult known as the “Wolves of Vinland“, where naked men  “gather in the Virginia woods for heathen ceremonies where they drink mead, spread mud and blood on themselves, dance around fires, and hold rituals in caves.” They do all of this in front of children, according to the photos.

Many on the Alt-Right are finally distancing themselves from Richard Spencer. The only one who has rushed to his defense is Andrew Anglin, of the Daily Stormer website. Anglin said:

“He definitely deserves some shit for this, but try to go easy on the guy. This should be a learning experience.”


[Even the neo-Nazis are starting to concerned about their fearless leader]

Remember, these are the people who call everyone else “degenerates”.

This attitude encapsulates the entire Alt-Right in a nutshell. They attack Christianity, President Trump, the Constitution and all conservatives, while defending satanism, child molesters and running people over with cars. We hope that “normie” Americans see the light, and forever condemn these sick perverts and their anti-capitalist, murderous ideology.

Deep State Staging Alt-Right Rally Near White House on December 3rd – Another Charlottesville?

Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch Seek to Link Trump’s Reaction to Steinle Verdict With Neo-Nazis

In a desperate attempt to try to link President Trump and all conservatives who care about immigration with Neo-Nazis and the Alt-Right, Deep State operatives Mike Enoch and Richard Spencer have announced an Alt-Right march near the White House on Sunday. They have not applied for a permit and there are no security plans in place for the rally.

President Trump, and all conservatives, were outraged, after an illegal alien, who had been deported six times, gunned down a woman in cold blood, then was found not guilty in Nancy Pelosi’s district of San Francisco.

The Kate Steinle killer came back and back over the weakly protected Obama border, always committing crimes and being violent, and yet this info was not used in court. His exoneration is a complete travesty of justice. BUILD THE WALL!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 1, 2017

Right on cue, Deep State operatives Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch have announced on Enoch’s Twitter feed that they are going to make the Steinle verdict about “standing for whites”, in an effort to conflate Trump and conservatives with white supremacy.

Right after a tirade against the existence of Israel, Mike “Enoch” Peinovich openly invited all white supremacists to attend he and Spencer’s rally in Lafayette Square, right across from the White House, on December 3rd.

Lately, there has been a lot of concern among alt-right members about “optics”, and the planning and security surrounding events, in the wake of the white supremacist attack in Charlottesville on August 12th, in which a woman was killed and over thirty others were hospitalized.

Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch were the key organizers of the Charlottesville rally, as was Occupy Wall Street organizer Jason Kessler, who watched while the attacks were planned on his Discord server.

Many white nationalists are calling the event out as a “false flag” honeypot and Deep State operation, and warning others not attend, due to Richard Spencer’s and Mike Enoch’s connections to both the Bush family and Hillary Clinton.

[Mike Enoch’s shady Deep State connections]

Mike Enoch staged a “White Lives Matter” rally on October 28th, in Shelbyville, Tennessee, in which uniformed Neo-Nazis wore SS helmets and did Nazi salutes, while ranting against Jews and mocking the death of Heather Heyer.

[Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members at “White Lives Matter” rally]

Right before the rally, League of the South leader Michael Hill called for violence. The rally had little turn-out, and the organizers canceled the second rally scheduled for that afternoon in nearby Murphreesboro, over “security concerns”.

alt1488exp$alt1488exp$Hunter Wallace, one of the organizers of the “White Lives Matter” rally, is actively promoting Enoch and Spencer’s White House rally on Sunday, and asking his violent followers to attend as well.

[National Socialist Movement members marched at “White Lives Matter”]

Mike Enoch openly called for his white supremacist followers to bring firearms to the Charlottesville rally on August 12th, and Richard Spencer contracted with a group called “Patriot Front” to provide “security” for him at his speech in Gainesville, Florida on October 18th. One “Patriot Front” member, Tyler Tenbrink, opened fire on a group of protesters right after the speech.


[Tyler Tenbrink, the Gainesville shooter.]

After the tragic Charlottesville rally, the shooting in Gainesville, and the disastrous “White Lives Matter” in Tennessee, what could possibly go wrong, in front of the White House?

As far as we can discern, no permits have been filed, and there is no security plan in place for this rally. As long as you are a racist, you are welcome, according to the organizers.

Once again, Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and their followers are again attempting to link President Trump and all conservatives with Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.

We must ask…who stands to gain?



“White Lives Matter” False Flag Postponed – A Victory for America!

“White Lives Matter” False Flag Postponed – A Victory for America!

Murfreesboro Rally Cancelled After Media Exposure of Deep State Plot

Due to the reporting on this blog, and on conservative and mainstream media outlets, white supremacist Mike Enoch’s deep state false flag operation was either cancelled, or postponed.

Hunter Wallace and his deep state handler Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, cancelled the rally in Muffreesboro, Tennessee, after having less than a hundred of their thugs turn out in nearby Shelbyville.

It was widely reported that Mike Enoch, one of the key planners of the failed Charlottesville rally, in which one person was killed and over thirty were hospitalized, was staging rallies in Tennessee, with neo-Nazi and Klan groups, along with “Anticom”, a group who’s member have discussed bombing federal buildings and using ISIS pressure-cooker  bombs to massacre protesters.

Days before the events in Tennessee, Michael Hill, the leader of “The League of the South”, called for his followers to “Engage in violence” at the events.

[Screen shot from Michael Hill’s Rules of Engagement for the march]

Anticom was also worried that people may have been tipped off to an attack. They Tweeted about “Crisis Actors” being present in Muffeesboro.

[Anticom Tweet regarding Craigslist ad]

Another factor that may have caused Mike Enoch and his deep state handlers to cancel whatever they had planned for Muffreesboro may have been Rep. Paul Gosar’s calling for people to look into Enoch’s close friend Jason Kessler and his connections to George Soros.

[Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz) says to look into Soros planning of Charlottesvile]

“Former” CIA intern Anderson Cooper had a meltdown over the fact that Rep Gosar (R-Ariz) merely asked that investigators look into the links.

Hunter Wallace’s rally was a complete disaster, and was widely ridiculed by the conservative and mainstream media, and even by many on the Alt-Right.

The only positive thing that Wallace can manage to say about the event is that no one died and none of his followers are facing murder charges “this time”.


[Hunter Wallace is jubilant over his successful event, in which no one died]

Pro-tip: If the best thing you can say about your events is “at least no one died”, you might not be attracting the best people into your “movement”.

Enoch and Wallace’s “White Lives Matter” rally featured costumed goons, dressed from head to toe in all black, sporting Nazi helmets, doing Nazi salutes for the cameras, and mocking Heather Heyer, who was murdered at Charlottesville.

Hunter Wallace was the loon who got his Twitter followers to spread the debunked meme that Heather Heyer died of a “heart attack”. Wallace could not have known this, because no exam of the victim’s body had been performed at the time he started the rumor.

Wallace is hoping that the dupes that follow him are not intelligent enough to do basic research, or to use Internet search engines.

On October 16, 2017, Heather Heyer’s death was ruled as “blunt force injury” by the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond. This was reported worldwide, but the fact would be unknown to those who get their news from fellow low-IQ Nazis on Twitter.

Heather Heyer’s cause of death ruled as blunt force injury


A few images from the failed “White Lives Matter” rally in Shelbyville, Tennessee on Saturday:

[The event provided endless amounts of humor]

[The clown on the right could benefit from a “Socialist” gulag diet]

Matt Heimbach, the leader of the “National Socialist” group “Traditional Workers Party” gave an incoherent, rambling speech in which he railed against Donald Trump and conservatives. He denounced capitalism and “exploitation”, and said that Antifa should join him, since they have so much in common.

We agree with Heimbach, in this case. Antifa should merge with the Alt-Right, because no one can tell the difference between them.

The Alt-Right, The National Socialist Movement and the Traditional Workers Party all:

Wear all black uniforms

Cover their faces

Hate the government and the police

Hate Trump and all conservatives

Seek to destroy the U.S. Constitution

Incite violence at demonstrations

Hate capitalism and want to see it destroyed

Advocate socialism

Seek to create ethnic violence and racial chaos

Hate Israel, and wish to see it destroyed

Are both controlled by George Soros

We ask again, as we did previously, “What difference is there between the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left?” The optics, tactics and goals are exactly the same.

One wise reader, on a blog that was actually promoting the “White Lives Matter” rally, said it better than we can:

Nothing like a little rally to bring out your inner socialist.

These events are pointless and achieve only one thing. They alienate the very people you’re trying to get on your side. When was the last time you saw a street protest actually achieve anything positive and real?

Grown ups don’t protest. We deal with opposition in subtler more effective ways, and if I have to explain that to you, you’re not worth the time because your IQ is only double digits. Sorry.

This rally will feed your opponents their favourite dish. The comical thing for me is watching these socialist vs socialist events unfold to the point neither side can really explain to anyone why they are there and what they’re all about.

Hopefully both sides participating in these ridiculous displays will eliminate each other before the real fun begins. Both sides are fascists. Have fun.

Right after the rally, Matt Heimbach, and around twenty of his neo-Nazi buddies marched into a bar, still in uniform. A fight broke out, obviously, and punches were thrown. A woman ended up with a bloody face.

Regardless of who threw the first punch, this was a clear provocation. To purposefully go into a racially diverse bar, with twenty of your thugs dressed in black, fresh from a neo-Nazi march is looking for trouble.

And one poster, on Raw Story, won the Internet today:

[Text reads: “What’s America coming to when a gang of 20 Nazi thugs can’t go into a place to stir shit without someone picking a fight with them?”]

[Sad day for Pepe]

Sorry, Alt-Right. You just killed whatever was left of your “brand”. You did manage to Unite the Right and left in laughter, though. For that, we thank you.




CIA/CNN’s Anderson Cooper Has Meltdown Over Congressman’s Exposure of Charlottesville as Soros Operation

CIA/CNN’s Anderson Cooper Has Meltdown Over Congressman’s Exposure of Charlottesville as Soros Operation

Congressman Paul Gosar Confronts CNN Over Jason Kessler and George Soros Connection – Gosar Calls CNN “Fake News”

Former CIA intern and fake news talking head Anderson Cooper is in full meltdown mode, now that Congressman Paul Gosar (R-Ariz) is standing by the earlier statements and questions that he had about Jason Kessler, the organizer of the ill-fated “Unite the Right” rally on August 12th, in which Heather Heyer was killed and over thirty others were wounded.

In an earlier interview, with a sleepy-eyed reporter from “Vice News”, Rep. Paul Gosar said that Jason Kessler, was “from Occupy Wall Street” and “was an Obama sympathizer”, and asked “who is he?”. Gosar was clearly only bringing up questions about Kessler, and suggesting that people should look into it, which is obviously beyond the capability of a $10 billion “news” organization.

Everything that Paul Gosar said in the Vice “news” interview was factual. Jason Kessler has admitted to being an Obama supporter, and an Occupy Wall Street organizer.

[Jason Kessler, Charlottesville rally organiser]

In his hit piece on the honorable, two term Representative Gosar, Anderson Cooper admitted all of the facts about Kessler, and admitted that Soros funded liberal causes, but then he went on to say that all of these facts were “from Alex Jones”.

While Alex Jones has confronted Jason Kessler and exposed his connections to Obama and Occupy Wall Street, so have Charlottesville’s “The Daily Progress” newspaper, The Jewish Daily Forward, and many other mainstream media outlets.

[Charlottesville’s “The Daily Progress” report on Kessler]


[The Jewish Daily Forward’s expose’ on Kessler]

Yesterday, in full panic mode, CNN sent Randi Kaye to attack Rep. Paul Gosar. Their fake news reporter “tracked down” Gosar in the halls of Congress and tried to put words in his mouth, by alleging that he stated that the Charlottesville march was “created by the left”.

Gosar calmly suggested that she go back and watch the interview again, since he did not say that. Gosar reiterated the fact that he said that these questions [about Charlottesville and Kessler] should be looked into, and to “stay tuned” for further information.

In an emotional meltdown, which is becoming more common among fake news reporters these days, CNN’s Randi Kaye tried to chase Rep. Gosar down the stairs, while screaming that his claims have been “debunked”.

Gosar stood firm, and told her that the claims have not been debunked, and that CNN should spend more time looking into Clinton and the dossier. He calmly finished the “interview” by informing Kaye that CNN was not real news, but “fake news”.

For once, CNN has recorded some “must-see TV”:

CNN and the entire legacy, dinosaur, dying, fake news complex is in meltdown mode, after the revelations about the DNC funding of the fake dossier, Clinton turning over 20 percent of America’s uranium over to Russia, and the media cover ups about the Las Vegas shooting.

They do, however, have plenty of time to try to provide cover for George Soros and Jason Kessler.

We thank Rep. Paul Gozar for his heroic stand against the Deep State fake news complex, and for suggesting that investigators and real news reporters uncover the truth about who was really behind the Charlottesville rally, their connections, and what they are doing today.

[Honorable Rep. Paul Gosar, Republican from Arizona]

We hope that Rep. Gosar and others with a passion for truth, would also take a look at some of the other reporting that has been done recently on Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and the “Alt-Right” movement in general. There is plenty out there for those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear”.





Alt-Right Leader Mike Enoch Staging Deep State Operation in Tennessee

Alt-Right Leader Mike Enoch Staging Deep State Operation in Tennessee

Deep State Linked Neo-Nazi Groups Descend on Small Towns to “Vent Anger”

[Mike “Enoch” Peinovich]

Alt-Right leader Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, one of the leaders of the disastrous Charlottesville rally on August 12th, is staging events in both Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee on Saturday, October 28th.

The “White Lives Matter”events will be attended by a group of literal Neo-Nazi groups, including the National Socialist Movement (NSM), and Anticom, who’s members have discussed bombing federal buildings and massacring protesters.

[The National Socialist Movement -NSM]

On August 16th, investigator Laura Loomer exposed Mike Enoch’s mother, Paula Enockson Sippel, a.k.a. Paula Peinovich, as a political supporter of Hillary Clinton. Mike’s mother is a lifetime liberal activist and labor organizer, and works closely with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, who was just re-elected for a third term as head of the AFL-CIO.

In January of 2010, Hillary Clinton supporter Richard Trumka had this to say about Mike Enoch’s mother:

“We’re fortunate that we were able to find someone to serve as Interim President with the background that Dr. Peinovich brings to the table. Her experience will help the college to grow and serve our current students.”

Since the event in Charlottesville, Mike “Enoch” Peinovich has been celebrating the death of Heather Heyer. Right after the rally, Enoch went on his “Daily Shoah” broadcast with Richard Spencer and said, referring to Heather Heyer:

“As far as the cat lady that was killed… this is the police’s fault for failure to control their own streets.”

“He added: “I don’t give a s–t about this dead cat lady. Whatever. The world is a better place. But the murderer is not the driver of the car. … He did nothing wrong. Frankly, he should get a medal. Let’s be honest. But legally he did nothing wrong.”

This weekend, Mike Enoch is staging a “White Lives Matter” demonstration in middle Tennessee with Vanguard America, the group that James Fields Jr held rank in and marched with before he drove his car into the crowd of protesters at Charlottesville.

[James Fields Jr. with his Vanguard America group]

The Neo-Nazi group “NSM”, or “National Socialist Movement” will also be marching at the event. The NSM is shunned by most white nationalists, because it has been riddled with FBI informants since it’s inception.

In 2007, the Orlando (FL) Sentinel revealed that FBI informant David Gletty organized a National Socialist Movement (NSM) rally in Orlando. Gletty had set up and run an entire unit of the NSM, informed on it’s members, and directed all of it’s operations over a two year period.

The march that David Gletty was through the streets of Parramore, a majority African-American section of Orlando. The FBI informant and his Neo-Nazi dupes staged an event that was eerily similar to Charlottesville, in that is stirred up racial tensions and triggered a “major police mobilization”.

David Gletty later wrote a book about his activities in the National Socialist Movement, called “Undercover Nazi”.

The National Socialist Movement is headed by Cliff Herrington, who’s wife, Andrea, who goes by the name of “Maxine Dietrich” and is “High Priestess” of a satanic, Neo-Nazi cult named “The Joy of Satan”. The cult hates Christians, conservatives, and believes that Jewish people are aliens.

Another group that was invited to the event is “Anti-Communist Action” or Anticom. Investigators have learned that Anticom members have been planning violence against civilians, including “massacre”, “genocide” and the bombing of “a major federal building”.

Anticom members have also been chatting about watching ISIS videos about how to “make a bomb out of household ingredients”, and discussing ways to go to protests disguised as Antifa protesters “with backback and black block” to “do it Boston bomber style”. They have also discussed using vehicles as weapons, like in Charlottesville.


Mike Enoch’s close friend and fellow Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer asked Anticom to “pull security” for him at his October University of Florida speech in Gainesville.

[Anticom member “Pence Bot” is contacted by Richard Spencer]

“White Lives Matter” organizer Hunter Wallace incited attendees to vent their anger and outrage at the upcoming event:

“Expectations: We want to host a HIGH ENERGY event. This will be an occasion to vent our anger and outrage and demonstrate we will not be closeted in our own country. Chants will include WHITE LIVES MATTER, BLOOD AND SOIL and YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US.”

Wallace said that firearms will be permitted at the event, but that marchers should “familiarize” themselves with Tennessee’s gun laws before coming.

We hope that those studying ISIS bomb making manuals and attending an armed Neo-Nazi rally on order to “vent their anger” will take a moment to familiarize themselves with the local gun codes, to make sure that they are compliance.

Social media is buzzing about the possibility that “Crisis Actors” may have been hired to take place in some kind of event, due to an ad that was allegedly placed in the Nashville section of Craigslist. Although it may have been a prank or hoax, we do know that many people are concerned that violence may occur at the event.

Many businesses are having to shut down and lose money during the rallies, so that the Neo-Nazis can vent their anger

As the towns of Shelbyville and Murfeesboro, Tennessee prepare for the hotheads to arrive, we hope that they look into the backgrounds and statements of these groups and remain vigilant.

ADDENDUM – League of the South Leader Michael Hill Now Openly Inciting Violence at Armed “White Lives Matter” Rallies This Saturday in Tennessee

[Michael Hill speaks to his followers]

October 26, 2017

Michael Hill, leader of the southern secessionist group “The League of the South” is now openly telling his followers to “Engage in violence” and to “Stand your ground” at the armed “White Lives Matter” events this Saturday.

Why he would use the specific phrases “Engage in violence” and “Stand your ground” is very suspicious, especially after Charlottesville.

Michael Hill is most noted for having his followers storm a gay pride rally in Montgomery, Alabama, while shouting “God Hates Fags!”, in support of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Hill has also lost a huge amount of followers after he refused to fire League of the South leader Jeremy Walls, after Walls was charged with four counts of serial child molestation.

We have also learned that Hunter Wallace has also asked the Ku Klux Klan group “Texas Rebel Knights” to vent their anger at the rallies. The Klan group is a large part of Wallace’s “Nationalist Front”.

The Texas Rebel Knights are well known for showing up with a dozen armed members to a peaceful protest at the Islamic Center of Irving, Texas in November of 2015. The group lost a lot of support after members discovered that it’s leader Lonnie “Rowdy” Coats was a convicted rapist.

Here is a sample of what the peaceful residents of Tennessee have in store for them on Saturday. This video is from a Texas Rebel Knights rally last year:

Good luck, Tennessee. You never asked for this.