Why the Alt-Right is Wrong About Women

Why the Alt-Right is Wrong About Women

Incels at Daily Stormer Are Lying and Denigrating Women – Cui Bono?

After being exposed on this blog, and throughout conservative media as woman-hating incels, Andrew Anglin and “Weev” Auernheimer of the “Daily Stormer” have decided that they are no longer going to focus on attacking Jewish people, blacks and Mexicans, but will, from now on, only attack women.

Andrew Anglin is now encouraging his followers to rape, murder and carry out terrorist attacks against women, while trying to conflate this type of behavior with conservatives and President Trump.

While there are some on the Alt-Right who still sheepishly carry water for Anglin, and write the articles off as “satire”, it is important to note that unstable individuals have taken this sick ideology to heart and have acted upon it.

In a recent article, Anglin and Weev said that, while very few people have been affected by Jews or Mexicans, “about 99% of people breathing have had their lives ruined, or at least drastically lessened by the wickedness of a woman.”

In another article, Andrew Anglin stated that rape should be legalized, and encouraged his readers to drive up to women who are jogging, wrap them in duct tape, throw them in their trunks and take them home and rape them. Remember, this is coming from a guy that constantly criticizes black people and Mexicans for criminal behavior.

“In many cases, this will be as simple as driving up next to a woman jogging, wrapping her with duct tape, tossing her in the trunk and taking her to your home’s rape room.” – Andrew Anglin

[Hey Anglin, come try out your rape tactics out in the heartland. Our women are ready for you]

Andrew Anglin and his soy boy sidekick “Weev” are part of what is known as the “incel” movement.

[Andrew Anglin’s soy boy sidekick – Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer]

The incel, or “involuntary celibate” movement is composed of low testosterone, beta males, who refuse to learn any “game”, or perhaps even shower, so that they might have the courage to approach women without coming across as creepy rapists.

Due to being constantly rejected by normal women, the incels become bitter and lash out at women, often threatening to rape them. Some, like Elliot Rodger, who is now depicted on the Daily Stormer header, murdered two people, all because of his inability to approach women.

The Bigger Picture

While attacks on women, conservatives and Christianity are a daily occurrence at the Daily Stormer, it does betray and underlying philosophy among Alt-Right leaders that is not only misguided, but is inherently disingenuous. In other words, the Alt-Right is lying constantly about women, and uses Saul Alinsky tactics to divide men from women, in order to weaken the traditional family.

Here are just a few of the ways that the Alt-Right lies about women:

ALT-RIGHT LIE: Women didn’t want Brett Kavanaugh confirmed. They are all screeching harpies and feminists.

TRUTH: Conservative women overwhelmingly supported the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, and held rallies all over the country, calling for his confirmation.

[Conservative women rallied for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh nationwide]

ALT-RIGHT LIE: Women are all liberal and support Hillary Clinton. Especially white women.

TRUTH: White women put Donald Trump in office. Over 52% of white women voted for Trump, and exit polls during the election showed that white women overall were going for Trump by 10 points, with middle aged (Boomer) women supporting him by 20 points. Even the liberal media is bemoaning the fact that “working class white women” “gave Trump the White House”.

[If it were not for conservative women, Trump would not be President]

ALT-RIGHT LIE: Half of marriages end in divorce, so there is no reason to get married or have children.

TRUTH: The Alt-Right is repeating Fake News talking points, as usual. The “50% lie” has been debunked many times over the past few years. The actual overall divorce rate for the country is around 31 percent. The divorce rate among those who go to church regularly is between 10 and 15 percent.

Marriages are also lasting a lot longer, and divorce rates among millennials are plummeting.

So, there are plenty of conservative couples out there who have long, happy marriages. Studies have shown that conservatives also have much more frequent, enjoyable sex than liberals.

ALT-RIGHT LIE: All women are for open borders, and they all welcome “refugees”.

TRUTH: 68% of white evangelicals believe that the U.S. does not have a responsibility to take in refugees. Obviously, 51% of that number are, in fact, women.

The Bottom Line

I am not sure which third world country Andrew Anglin or Weev are hiding out in, but out here, in what the media calls “flyover country”, white women overwhelmingly support Trump, and carry concealed handguns.

If Anglin, Weev, Roosh, Matt Forney, or any of the other incels of the Alt-Right would like to come out here and try to abduct or rape any of our wives, mothers, sisters or girlfriends, they will be quickly put in a shallow grave.

[Go ahead, Anglin. Make my day….]

Men of the West should not be discouraged from seeking out a healthy, beautiful, conservative woman.

The negative propaganda coming from the weak, bitter soy boys of both the liberal media and the Alt-Right is just that. Propaganda. It all comes from the “war between the sexes” shtick of the 1960s Frankfurt School and Saul Alinksy.

Who stands to gain, if our people are too weak and discouraged to produce healthy, conservative families?

[George Soros and the Daily Stormer hate conservative women]

So, men…find a traditional woman, take her to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, then out to the range for an afternoon of shooting. It does not get any better than that.

God Bless America, and God Bless our women.