Top Alt-Right Site Now Siding With Antifa – Calls For Attacks on Pro-Life Women

Top Alt-Right Site Now Siding With Antifa – Calls For Attacks on Pro-Life Women

Deep State Plants Andrew Anglin and “Weev” Auernheimer Celebrating Jordan Hunt’s Attack on Pro-Life Woman – Saying All Women Should Be “Beaten, Raped and Locked in Cages”

In an article on today’s “Daily Stormer” web site, mixed in with stories supporting Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh,  Andrew Anglin and Weev published an article in which they lauded the cowardly attack by Jordan Hunt on a pro-life woman.

In the article, “Roy Batty”, most likely another one of Anglin’s sock-puppet pseudonyms, compared the soy-boy Jordan Hunt to Chuck Norris, and sided with Hunt when he called journalist Ben Shapiro a “Nazi” in a Tweet after the attack.

The article went on to attack all pro-life activists and conservatives,  whom they said worshiped “Cuck Jesus”. It is clear that this is all being done in an effort to make Trump supporters and conservatives look as insane and degenerate as possible.

In another recent article, Anglin said that not just pro-life women, but all women “deserve to be beaten, raped and locked in cages“.

[The self-declared leader of the white race, Andrew Anglin, in his room]

While it is easy to dismiss this all as just the rantings of Neo-Nazi loons, many on the Alt-Right still read and support the Daily Stormer web site. Some are even gullible enough to send these operatives donations via cryptocurrency.

The Daily Stormer first tried to influence the Alt-Right, by egging on the attendees at the fatal Charlottesville rally, and calling for violence. Later on, after the debate on the right about “optics”, Anglin or his handlers decided to align themselves with the “Alt-Light” or the “New Right”, and to pick up the American flag and declare themselves conservatives.

While actual white nationalists have long suspected that both Anglin and Weev are Deep State operatives, many of the younger members of the Alt-Right seem to not be astute enough to see the disconnect between support of traditional values and the pedophilia, rape and degeneracy advocated by the Daily Stormer.

Andrew Anglin started the Daily Stormer, formerly “Total Fascism” in late 2012. For most of the existence of the site, Anglin advocated Neo-Nazism, and called for the extermination of Jews, and ethnic cleansing of all non-whites.

Like his friends Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, Anglin suddenly started to support Donald Trump as soon as he declared his candidacy. He brought on Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, a convicted computer hacker of Jewish descent, to run the web site.  This was all done in an effort to conflate support of Donald Trump with fascism and Neo-Nazism.

[“Weev” Auernheimer, webmaster of the “Daily Stormer”]

Andrew Anglin and “Weev” are both strong advocates of the “incel” or, involuntary celibate, movement, which calls for hatred of women, and rape and terrorist attacks against them. Whenever an incel commits a terrorist attack, the Daily Stormer immediately declares its support.  Incels believe that they do not have the looks or skills to actually date women, so they use violence against them instead.

Andrew Anglin may hate women, but he does have a fondness for young girls. In this video, he shows off what he calls his “jailbait” girlfriend while in the Philippines. According to Wikipedia, “Jailbait” is:

Jailbait or jail bait is slang for a person who is younger than the legal age of consent for sexual activity, with the implication that a person above the age of consent might find them sexually attractive.

In summary, what we have here is yet another attempt by the Deep State to demonize conservatives, the “New Right” and Trump supporters, this time by conflating them with rapists, pedophiles and Neo-Nazism.

Hopefully, after the Charlottesville disaster, the lawsuits, jail sentences,  and the total implosion of the Alt-Right, no sensible conservatives will have anything to do with these lowlife scumbags ever again.