Dinesh D’Souza Exposes Nazis Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer on C-SPAN

Dinesh D’Souza Exposes Nazis Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer on C-SPAN

Conservative Author Calls Out Jason Kessler as Occupy Wall Street Activist, Obama Voter – Richard Spencer as Big Supporter of Democrats

Conservative author and scholar  Dinesh D’Souza, author of over fifteen nationally renowned books and producer of several award winning documentaries exposing Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and the leftist subversion of America, exposed the leftist backgrounds and beliefs of white supremacist leaders Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer, in an interview on C-SPAN on August 3rd.

Greta Brawner, host of  the C-SPAN program “Washington Journal“, asked D’Souza:

“How do you respond to people when they point to Charlottesville, and the president said there were bad people on both sides?”

Dinesh D’Souza responded:

“This is really, I would say, the trump card, and I use that terminology in the movie, because, I have uncovered an aspect of Charlottesville, that is not in the public debate, and that is… the whole point of Charlottesville, there was a tragedy in Charlottesville, and that won’t change. Somebody was run over and killed, and so it was a tragic event in that sense.”

“What I am contesting is the meaning of that event. Because, from the left’s point of view this was right wing white supremacy, and that was the whole point for Trump to condemn it. I deny that. I deny that, and I deny it, based on a close analysis of who was there and who these white supremacists are, and in this book, “Death of a Nation,  I go through the list.”

“Jason Kessler, the founder, the organizer of  of Charlottesville, turns out to be an Obama activist, and an Occupy Wall Street guy.” 

[George Soros is on the left. Jason Kessler is on the right. Supposedly.]

“Think about this. Does it make sense, someone who is an Obama voter and supporter becomes a white supremacist? That makes no sense to me. You think the media would be, like ‘Let’s check this guy out.’ , but there was a Charlottesville paper that did. It looked into his background, and it turns out he has a long left-wing history. They interviewed his girlfriend, and she goes ‘he broke up with me because I am too conservative.’ This guy, Jason Kessler.”

[Alt-Right media darling and white supremacist poster boy, Richard Spencer]

“Now, we move on to the poster boy of white supremacy, Richard Spencer. This guy is so controversial, that when he went to speak in Florida, the governor declared a state of emergency. So,  I interview him and its riveting, it’s about four minutes in the movie. And I asked him a series of questions. Its very illuminating.”

“Does he believe all men are created equal? ‘No.'”

“I say, Does he believe in individual dignity? ‘No.'”

“Does he believe in the right to life? ‘No.'”

“Where do rights come from? He says ‘Well, they don’t come from God.‘”

“So, where to do they come from?  He said ‘They come from the government.'”

“He is a statist. He believes the government gives you your rights.”

“And I ask him ‘What do you think of Reagan?’. He goes ‘Terrible president‘.”

“I go ‘Who are your favorite presidents?’ He lists a bunch of democrats.”

“I go ‘Well, those are all democrats.’. He goes ‘Yeah, I know. But its just a party.'”

“And, he’s naming people like Andrew Jackson,  who was the founder of the Democratic Party. The point I’m trying to make is that the white supremacists are not conservative. They are not conservative in the modern, American sense of conservative. They are unrecognizable to a normal conservative, and that’s obvious from the movie, so what I’m doing really, through a combination of history, and investigative journalism, is contesting these prevailing  narratives, but I’m doing it in a responsible and civil way.”

Thanks to men like Dinesh D’Souza, and conservative news sites that have been reporting on the Deep State controlled Alt-Right movement since the beginning, the American people are not buying into the Fake News narrative.