Nazi Running Against Trump As Democrat in 2020

Nazi Running Against Trump As Democrat in 2020

Rejected From Republican Party, Patrick Little Finds His True Home Among Anti-Semitic, Israel-Hating Liberals – Admits To Gathering Intel To Use Against Fellow Nazis

Nazi leader Patrick Little, a former “Information Systems Coordinator” in the U.S. Marine Corps, has declared in a YouTube video, that he is running as a Democrat against President Donald Trump in 2020. Little was rejected by the California Republican Party, and was physically escorted out of the building by security guards, when he tried to register as a Republican at their recent convention.

The California Republican Party had been trying to unify the state GOP, by finding a candidate that everyone could get behind to run against far-left Senator Dianne Feinstein, when Patrick Little suddenly appeared, in order to “dirty-up” the Republicans.

Little had been making numerous, vicious anti-Semitic and anti-Israel comments, praising Hitler, and denying the Holocaust, all in an effort to steer independent California voters away from the Republican Party, and towards Dianne Feinstein.

After having been spurned by Republicans, who reject Nazism, and all other forms of socialism, Patrick Little declared on YouTube that he is a Democrat and will be opposing President Trump in 2020. His campaign motto is “Expel the Jew by 22”, and he is calling for the physical removal of all Jewish people from US soil by 2022.

[Patrick Little harassing locals with his vicious, incendiary rants]

Little is on a “campaign tour” of a few U.S. states right now, and his shtick is to walk up to random people and to breathlessly rant about how evil Jews are, how the Holocaust never happened and how Israel is oppressing and massacring innocent Palestinians for no reason.

Unlike white nationalists in the 1980s and 1990s, who recruited at gun shows and preparedness expos, where there was at least a slight chance of finding a gullible dupe to recruit, Patrick Little almost only approaches black and Hispanic people with his ideas about deporting Jews and forming a white “ethnostate”.

On one occasion, Little approached a black Social Justice Warrior and various Antifa types in front of a bar in Olympia, Washington, and, believe it or not, he was attacked.

Little’s approach is much like that of the Westboro Baptist Church, which pickets military funerals with “God Hates Fags” signs, in order to be attacked, so that they can sue the attackers. The idea is to get in people’s faces, to be as offensive as possible, then, when they are punched, they try to blame the police, like the Nazis did after Charlottesville, or to sue the attackers. It is a sick, cowardly, spineless approach, but one that has been embraced by the Alt-Right since its inception.

[The Westboro Baptist Church also hates Israel, uses picket signs, and sues when attacked]

In another recent video, Patrick Little announced that he keeps a “binder” of everything that is sent to him by fellow Nazis and white supremacists, so that it can later be used against them in court. Little stated that government agents will then have “fingerprints”, along with everything that they need in order to prosecute the people that donate to, and support his campaign. He was recently denied entry to Canada, after he gladly turned over the files that he kept with him to Canadian government officials to go through.

Patrick Little, like fellow Nazis, Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer and Mike Peinovich “Enoch” seems to be obsessed with taking photos, making video recordings, and keeping chat logs and records of all communications with their followers, which are later used in court proceedings against them.

Although it is extremely doubtful that Patrick Little will ever be seen as anything more than a clown and unstable sociopath by most Americans, there is a growing segment of the Democrat Party in which he would feel right at home.

Lifetime Democrat and Hillary Clinton confidant Robert Byrd was a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan all through his 20s and 30s, and even attained the rank of “Exalted Cyclops” of his local chapter. While a Democrat, Byrd stated “The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia.”

Rep Keith Ellison, the Minnesota Democrat, was recently appointed DNC Secretary, in spite of his outspoken support of rabid anti-Semite and Nation if Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Even the liberal Washington Post gave Ellsion “Four Pinocchios” over his claim of ‘no relationship’ with Farrakhan.

[Rep Keith Ellison of Minnesota.  The new DNC Secretary.]

At the same time, the new face of the Democrat Party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is a member of Democratic Socialists of America, which supports sanctions against Israel. Ocasio-Perez called Israel’s killing of Palestinian “protesters” in May a “massacre.” She has also stated that “she represents the future of our party.”

[Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic Socialist, and the future of the Democrat Party]

Conservative commentators such as Karen McQuillan have opined that “Anti-Semitism is the new face of the Democratic Party”. We don’t think Patrick Little will find much of a welcome there, with his hatred of all non-whites and his calls for an ethnostate, but his views on Israel are much more in sync with the Democrat Party, than with the average, hard-working Trump supporters out in “flyover country”.