Nazi Leader Jason Kessler Branding DC Rally As Alt-Lite, Pro-Trump

Nazi Leader Jason Kessler Branding DC Rally As Alt-Lite, Pro-Trump

Deep State Plant Seeks To Galvanize #Resistance Against Trump Before Midterms – Bloodbath Predicted By Both Alt-Right Leaders and Antifa

Neo-Nazi and Charlottesville rally planner  Jason Kessler is now ordering his followers to re-brand themselves as “Alt-Lite”, to carry American flags, and to align themselves with President Trump and the Republican Party at his upcoming “Unite the Right 2” rally in front of the White House on August 12, all in an effort to galvanize the Deep State #Resistance against the GOP right before the critical midterm elections.

In a recent YouTube video, Kessler, an admitted leftist provocateur and Occupy Wall Street organizer, has called for a march down Pennsylvania Avenue and speeches in front of the White House.

Right on cue, a Soros funded group, calling itself “DC Against Hate” suddenly sprung up, seemingly out of nowhere. On its web site, the group states that it is funded by groups such as “Black Lives Matter”, Maryland and Philly Antifa, Socialist Party DC, and, perhaps most ominously, Resist This, which is the new name of the violent Soros-funded “DisruptJ20” group well known for using terrorist tactics to oppose freedom of speech.

[Another Soros-funded AstroTurf rent-a-mob. American Spring, anyone?]

“DC Against Hate” is having their rally at the exact same time and at the exact same location as Jason Kessler’s “Unite the Right 2” rally. On their web site, they state:

“Jason Kessler will find no rest, no refuge, no respite.”, and:

“All out D.C. against against hate. We’ll show that fascists are not welcomed here and we won’t allow D.C. to be their playground.”

So, we have two Soros controlled groups, the Alt-Right, and Antifa, fighting it out to the death in front of the White House, right before the midterm elections.

The Alt-Right has had enough of Jason Kessler

Since his failed Charlottesville rally on August 12 of last year, in which one protester was killed and over thirty others were hospitalized, the entire Alt-Right movement has turned against Jason Kessler, after having realized that the entire event was a Deep State set-up.

In a desperate plea for credibility among the Alt-Right, Jason Kessler announced to his followers that failed Senate candidate, and full-time anti-Semite Patrick Little would be speaking at the upcoming Charlottesville anniversary in Washington D.C..

In response, Little stated:

“I’m not coming to your rally. Stop punching right, #HitlerDidNothingWrong.”

[Patrick Little told Jason Kessler “I’m not coming to your rally.”]

Like Jason Kessler and Deep State plant Richard Spencer, Patrick Little suddenly appeared out of nowhere, aligned with Donald Trump, and started attacking Jews and denying the Holocaust.

[Patrick Little, failed Senate candidate and Vape King of San Francisco]

Prior to becoming a professional anti-Semite, Little was an “Information System Coordinator” in the U.S. Marine Corps, and was deeply involved in designing tactical networks and cyber security.

Patrick Little ran against Senator Dianne Feinstein in California, and came in at 12th place, garnering less than 1 percent of the total vote. He has refused to concede the election, but no one really seems to care.

In addition to being snubbed and mocked by Patrick Little, the infamous “crying Nazi”, and admitted FBI rat, Christopher Cantwell, has distanced himself from Jason Kessler.

Cantwell said that Kessler’s rally is going to be a “shooting gallery” and has been warning people not to attend.

[Cantwell says to TheMadDimension (Jason Kessler) (Unite the Right 2) will be a “shooting gallery”]

In response, Kessler lashed out at Cantwell and Richard Spencer, calling Spencer a “Hitlerist” who has “Sieg Heil” parties.

[Kessler abandons the Alt-Right, attacking both Cantwell and Spencer]

Jason Kessler re-brands as “Alt-Lite”

After having been spurned and ridiculed by the entire Alt-Right, Kessler has been openly taunting white nationalists on social media, and bragging about how he has been working with a “Hispanic chick” and other “pro-white Hispanic friends” to organize the upcoming rally.

Just to rub it in, Jason Kessler said that Bryan Sharpe, a.k.a. “Hotep Jesus” will be speaking at the event. It is extremely doubtful that Sharpe would have anything to do with the Kessler or the Alt-Right, since after Charlottesville, he said that the Alt-Right is “now under the control of the ‘deep-state’ or whomever is also controlling Black Lives Matter.” It sounds like he might be onto something there.

[Hotep Jesus said the Alt-Right is controlled by whomever controls Black Lives Matter]

The situation is hopeless, but not serious

While Kessler is trying to paint a pro-Trump, pro-American, non-racist paint-job on his “Unite the Right 2” rally,  behind the scenes he is inviting and encouraging violent thugs and anti-American terrorist groups to attend and “provide security” at the event. He is again planning the event on an open platform, Facebook, with no concerns for the security of the attendees or the public, even after having been warned about lax communications security after Charlottesville.

Antifa groups have already infiltrated his planning group, and published screen shots which show that violent neo-Nazi Hammerskins and members of the terror group Vanguard America, will be at the DC rally.

At the same time, George Soros is mobilizing his “DC Against Hate” rally to coincide with the event. They have threatened to shut Kessler and the event down, by any means necessary.

Washington D.C. is 49 percent black, 14 percent Hispanic, and 76 percent Republican. Over 91 percent of DC residents voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election, will 4.1 percent voted for Trump.

Are Jason Kessler’s dupes so naive that they think that this area is prime recruiting ground for white nationalism?

What exactly are they hoping to gain by cowering behind police officers, while having bottles of feces and urine thrown at them by Antifa thugs?

The only possible conclusion that can be reached, is that the whole thing is a Deep State set-up, just like Charlottesville.

If Jason Kessler somehow manages to still be alive after the August 12 rally, you can bet that he will walk free, and whatever low-life skinheads and scumbags he dupes into attending the event will wind up in jail, facing decades in prison, just like James Fields Jr, Daniel Borden, Jacob Godwin and Alex Ramos are.

Once again, there be a convenient paper trail for the Feds to follow, complete with chat logs, photos, audio recordings, and IP addresses of all of the rally planners and attendees. It will be like Christmas for the anti-Trump, anti-American, Deep State operatives within the FBI and intelligence services.

One man, though, will be carefully watching the events unfold, while celebrating his best birthday present ever.

[George Soros, born August 12, 1930]