Deep State Plant Jason Kessler Planning Neo-Nazi Rally in D.C. on Anniversary of Charlottesville

Deep State Plant Jason Kessler Planning Neo-Nazi Rally in D.C. on Anniversary of Charlottesville

Former Occupy Wall Street Organizer Inviting Violent Neo-Nazi Prison Gang and David Duke to Rally – Seeks To Conflate Conservatives and President Trump with White Supremacy

Right on cue, in the wake of the Soros-inspired “Keep Families Together” rallies in which leftists are calling for open borders and the elimination of ICE, Jason Kessler, admitted leftist provocateur, and planner of the ill-fated “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, is organizing another ‘white nationalist” rally, this time in front of the White House.

Once again, we have a Soros linked provocateur trying to conflate President Trump and conservative Americans of all races, who are concerned with border security, with Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacy.

The rally is scheduled to take place on August 12th, which is the first anniversary of the deadly rally in which one person was murdered and over thirty were hospitalized when James Fields Jr, a member of the white supremacist group “Vanguard America”, allegedly drove his car into a crowd of protesters.

[Leftist Provocateur and Occupy Wall Street Organizer Jason Kessler]

Jason Kessler stood by and watched while the Charlottesville car attack was planned on his Discord server, and made no effort to try to tone down the violent rhetoric. After the attack, he said that the late victim, Heather Heyer, deserved to be murdered, because she was a “communist”.

Recent chat logs have revealed that Jason Kessler has asked whether the Alt-Knights, a violent, white nationalist street gang, will be attending the rally. Fred Arena, a.k.a. “McCormick H. Foley”, a member of the most violent and best organized Neo-Nazi prison gang in the world, the Hammerskin Nation, immediately chimed in. He said that he will be bringing between “7 to 15” of his Hammerskins to the rally, to provide “security”.

[Fred Arena, Neo-Nazi leader of the Hammerskins: “If we fully commit between us and maybe a few hammerskins. 7 to 15.”]

When the Hammerskin nation leader was asked what type of organization he headed, he replied “We are paramilitary and neo-Nazi”.

[Fred Arena, probably another  fed snitch, said “We are paramilitary + neo-Nazi”]

Paramilitary groups have already been banned from returning to Charlottesville, and open carry of firearms is prohibited in Washington D.C., which has some of the most strict gun control laws in the nation.

What could possibly go wrong?

[Hammerskin Nation Members]

Kessler said that he wanted “security in the outer perimeter” to “take down serious threats” to his group. “Dave Shyne” said that “We don’t really need anymore (sic) people with security backgrounds. Just strong men who can follow orders”. “Shyne” also stated “We are definitely going to need our own security. Doesn’t matter how it looks.”

In response to all of the back and forth about using violence and the optics of having strong, tattooed men with shaved heads guard him from Antifa, Jason Kessler once again encouraged violence. He told his followers “The main thing is that if we back down out movement is f***ed”.

[Hammerskin member showing off tattoo]

Just like he did in the planning of the Charlottesville rally,Jason Kessler is openly working with violent paramilitary groups to incite some sort of an “incident” in an attempt to tarnish both gun rights supporters and those who are concerned with border security.

Although most of what is left of the “Alt-Right” has been avoiding him like the plague, Kessler has been reaching out to Satanist and goat-blood drinker Augustus Sol Invictus, to speak at the rally. He has also mentioned inviting former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, and anti-Semites Paul Nehlen and Patick Little to speak.

[Jason Kessler inviting guests: “Like Pat Little, Paul Nehlen… perhaps David Duke]

The “Alt-Right” totally imploded after Charlottesville. Richard Spencer has been exposed as a Deep State plant, and has stopped speaking publicly. Matt Heimbach has quit politics completely, after being arrested for domestic violence, after being caught in an affair with his own mother in law in a trailer park. Christoper Cantwell, the “crying Nazi”, has admitted to working with the Deep State, by being a federal informant for the F.B.I..

Conservative Rep Paul Gosar has called for an investigation of Jason Kessler, and his connections to George Soros.

[Heroic Rep Paul Gosar smells a rat]

All of the former “Alt-Right” leaders have stopped holding public rallies, so it is hard to imagine who would be stupid enough to attend what appears to be a violent, Deep State “honey pot” operation, other than the most violent, unstable members of the Neo-nazi underworld.

Decent, law abiding, hard working Americans do not want to be associated with Neo-Nazism, Satanism, terrorism or swastika-tattooed prison gangs.

One has to ask, who would stand to gain, if conservatives and President Trump were once again conflated by the Fake News media with such sick, twisted, garbage human beings?