“White Lives Matter” False Flag Postponed – A Victory for America!

“White Lives Matter” False Flag Postponed – A Victory for America!

Murfreesboro Rally Cancelled After Media Exposure of Deep State Plot

Due to the reporting on this blog, and on conservative and mainstream media outlets, white supremacist Mike Enoch’s deep state false flag operation was either cancelled, or postponed.

Hunter Wallace and his deep state handler Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, cancelled the rally in Muffreesboro, Tennessee, after having less than a hundred of their thugs turn out in nearby Shelbyville.

It was widely reported that Mike Enoch, one of the key planners of the failed Charlottesville rally, in which one person was killed and over thirty were hospitalized, was staging rallies in Tennessee, with neo-Nazi and Klan groups, along with “Anticom”, a group who’s member have discussed bombing federal buildings and using ISIS pressure-cooker  bombs to massacre protesters.

Days before the events in Tennessee, Michael Hill, the leader of “The League of the South”, called for his followers to “Engage in violence” at the events.

[Screen shot from Michael Hill’s Rules of Engagement for the march]

Anticom was also worried that people may have been tipped off to an attack. They Tweeted about “Crisis Actors” being present in Muffeesboro.

[Anticom Tweet regarding Craigslist ad]

Another factor that may have caused Mike Enoch and his deep state handlers to cancel whatever they had planned for Muffreesboro may have been Rep. Paul Gosar’s calling for people to look into Enoch’s close friend Jason Kessler and his connections to George Soros.

[Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz) says to look into Soros planning of Charlottesvile]

“Former” CIA intern Anderson Cooper had a meltdown over the fact that Rep Gosar (R-Ariz) merely asked that investigators look into the links.

Hunter Wallace’s rally was a complete disaster, and was widely ridiculed by the conservative and mainstream media, and even by many on the Alt-Right.

The only positive thing that Wallace can manage to say about the event is that no one died and none of his followers are facing murder charges “this time”.


[Hunter Wallace is jubilant over his successful event, in which no one died]

Pro-tip: If the best thing you can say about your events is “at least no one died”, you might not be attracting the best people into your “movement”.

Enoch and Wallace’s “White Lives Matter” rally featured costumed goons, dressed from head to toe in all black, sporting Nazi helmets, doing Nazi salutes for the cameras, and mocking Heather Heyer, who was murdered at Charlottesville.

Hunter Wallace was the loon who got his Twitter followers to spread the debunked meme that Heather Heyer died of a “heart attack”. Wallace could not have known this, because no exam of the victim’s body had been performed at the time he started the rumor.

Wallace is hoping that the dupes that follow him are not intelligent enough to do basic research, or to use Internet search engines.

On October 16, 2017, Heather Heyer’s death was ruled as “blunt force injury” by the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond. This was reported worldwide, but the fact would be unknown to those who get their news from fellow low-IQ Nazis on Twitter.

Heather Heyer’s cause of death ruled as blunt force injury


A few images from the failed “White Lives Matter” rally in Shelbyville, Tennessee on Saturday:

[The event provided endless amounts of humor]

[The clown on the right could benefit from a “Socialist” gulag diet]

Matt Heimbach, the leader of the “National Socialist” group “Traditional Workers Party” gave an incoherent, rambling speech in which he railed against Donald Trump and conservatives. He denounced capitalism and “exploitation”, and said that Antifa should join him, since they have so much in common.

We agree with Heimbach, in this case. Antifa should merge with the Alt-Right, because no one can tell the difference between them.

The Alt-Right, The National Socialist Movement and the Traditional Workers Party all:

Wear all black uniforms

Cover their faces

Hate the government and the police

Hate Trump and all conservatives

Seek to destroy the U.S. Constitution

Incite violence at demonstrations

Hate capitalism and want to see it destroyed

Advocate socialism

Seek to create ethnic violence and racial chaos

Hate Israel, and wish to see it destroyed

Are both controlled by George Soros

We ask again, as we did previously, “What difference is there between the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left?” The optics, tactics and goals are exactly the same.

One wise reader, on a blog that was actually promoting the “White Lives Matter” rally, said it better than we can:

Nothing like a little rally to bring out your inner socialist.

These events are pointless and achieve only one thing. They alienate the very people you’re trying to get on your side. When was the last time you saw a street protest actually achieve anything positive and real?

Grown ups don’t protest. We deal with opposition in subtler more effective ways, and if I have to explain that to you, you’re not worth the time because your IQ is only double digits. Sorry.

This rally will feed your opponents their favourite dish. The comical thing for me is watching these socialist vs socialist events unfold to the point neither side can really explain to anyone why they are there and what they’re all about.

Hopefully both sides participating in these ridiculous displays will eliminate each other before the real fun begins. Both sides are fascists. Have fun.

Right after the rally, Matt Heimbach, and around twenty of his neo-Nazi buddies marched into a bar, still in uniform. A fight broke out, obviously, and punches were thrown. A woman ended up with a bloody face.

Regardless of who threw the first punch, this was a clear provocation. To purposefully go into a racially diverse bar, with twenty of your thugs dressed in black, fresh from a neo-Nazi march is looking for trouble.

And one poster, on Raw Story, won the Internet today:

[Text reads: “What’s America coming to when a gang of 20 Nazi thugs can’t go into a place to stir shit without someone picking a fight with them?”]

[Sad day for Pepe]

Sorry, Alt-Right. You just killed whatever was left of your “brand”. You did manage to Unite the Right and left in laughter, though. For that, we thank you.