Richard Spencer Hired Gainesville Shooter – Wanted Another Charlottesville

Richard Spencer Hired Gainesville Shooter – Wanted Another Charlottesville

Leaked Docs Reveal Shooter Was On Spencer’s Security Detail – Alt-Right’s James Allsup Justifies Attack – Says Vehicles Next Time

A leaked Alt-Right planning document shows that Richard Spencer had Gainesvilles shooter Tyler Tenbrink, and his accomplices William and Colton Fears, travel all the way from Texas, to be part of his security detail at his speech at the University of Florida on October 18th. He also wanted two other Neo-Nazi terror groups to take provide security at the event.

Richard Spencer’s operation plan for the Gainesville speech was titled “Operation Gator”, was easily obtainable, due to the Alt-Right’s incredible lack of basic security procedures. In the plan, Spencer specifically ordered the group “Patriot Front”, which was basically just the attackers Tenbrink and the Fears brothers, to travel from Texas to be part of what he called “Task Force Vandal”.

A link to the leaked document is here.

This screen shot shows that “Patriot Front” was part of the main security team:

The Neo-Nazi group “Patriot Front” is a split off group from Vanguard America, which was the group that terrorist James Fields Jr held rank in and marched with, before he murdered Heather Heyer, crushed the legs of Marcus Martin, and hospitalized over thirty others, while driving a crowd into a group of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th.

James Fields, Jr. in Vanguard America uniform, shortly before the attack

Spencer also contracted with the white supremacist group “Anti-com” to provide security at the event. Anti-com has called for violence against Jews and Muslims, and has incited it’s members to bomb U.S. Federal buildings.

Like all other terrorist groups, Anti-Com cover their faces and flaunt weapons.

After the shooting in Gainesville, Alt-Right leader James Allsup justified the shooter, and said that the attackers should have used vehicles instead, which is a clear incitement for his followers to carry out acts of domestic terrorism.

James Allsup hosts an Alt-Right show called “The Nationalist Review” with Nicholas Fuentes. Allsup and Fuentes both marched at Charlottesville on August 12th, and are close friends and supporters of Richard Spencer.

Richard Spencer also has asked the Daily Stormer Book Clubs to provide security for him in Gainesville. The “Book Clubs” are groups on the dark web forum of the Daily Stormer website, where Neo-Nazis plan out attacks. On the day of Spencer’s speech, the Daily Stormer instructed it’s readers to carry out attacks on synagogues and African American centers throughout Gainesville.

In this screen shot, the Daily Stormer tells it’s readers to attack synagogues and the Institute of Black Culture:

We now know that Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Eli Mosley and Cameron Padgett conspired with the following groups to “provide security” for their event in Gainesville on October 19th:

1) Patriot Front, which is part of Vanguard America, who’s member James Fields Jr carried out the domestic terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th.

2) Anti-com, which incited it’s members to carry out violent attacks on Jewish and Muslim American citizens, and the bombing of United States Government Federal Buildings.

3) Daily Stormer Books Clubs, which incited mob violence against synagogues and African Americans on the morning of Spencer’s speech, on the front page of the public section of their website.

We also know that James Allsup, a personal friend of Richard Spencer, is now inciting his followers to use vehicles as weapons in future attacks.

Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch only managed to get 30 followers for their failed “Charlottesville 3.0” rally on October 8th. They attracted less than 12 followers to their Gainesville event.

If they know that they were only going to get a dozen dupes to attend their event, and that they would be heckled off the stage, then we must ask:

Why would Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and the others have violent, Neo-Nazi criminals, who have advocating the bombing of U.S. government buildings, attacks on synagogues, and who’s associates have been jailed for carrying out the previous attack in Charlottesville,  to provide “security” for them at their event?

Tyler Tenbrink, and William and Colton Fears were all career criminals with extensive rap sheets, that could not be hired as security guards at McDonalds, yet Spencer and Enoch trusted them to be cool headed security “operators”?

Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Eli Mosley also had career criminal and convicted drug addict Christopher Cantwell come to Charlottesville to incite the crowd to violence, but he was arrested for violence before he could even speak.

They managed to incite some of their followers to violence in both Charlottesville and Gainesville. Spencer wanted an armed march, with the Neo-Nazi terror group Anti-com in Charlotte, on December 28th, but it was, thankfully, cancelled.

This writer does not think that it would be much of a stretch to assume that we might be seeing a pattern here.