Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer Planned “Bloodbath” in Charlotte

Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer Planned “Bloodbath” in Charlotte

Spencer Now Targeting  Gainesville, Florida, After Being Warned Off Armed March

Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer planned an armed rally, complete with Nazi flags, for December 28th, but he cancelled it after being called out by fellow white supremacists, who knew that it would end in a “bloodbath”.


Richard Spencer invited his followers to bring torches, guns, armor, gear and Nazi flags to the march, in order to incite violence against the African American, Hispanic, Jewish and gay residents of Charlotte, North Carolina. Spencer targeted Charlotte, because of the cities  67% minority population.

Spencer even invited the Neo-Nazi terrorist group “Vanguard America” to march, while openly carrying firearms and Nazi flags.

One “Vanguard America” member, who held rank in, and wore the uniform and shield of the group, murdered Heather Heyer and wounded over thirty others in what Attorney General Jeff Sessions called an “evil” act of domestic terrorism.

There is no way that the march, if allowed to take place, would not have ended in massive violence and loss of life, which was probably his intention all along.

Tragedy averted

Thankfully, Richard Spencer canceled the event after being told to do so by none other than Andrew Anglin, publisher of the Neo-Nazi website “The Daily Stormer”. Anglin warned that the event would be a “bloodbath”, and Anglin’s webmaster, “Weev” even published a long piece on his blog, warning Spencer to pull out of the event.

In the article, Weev stated: “My ability to hold my tongue about Spencer ran out with Charlottesville.”

“This is a repeat of the Charlottesville formula. Spencer gets top billing, an easily disavowable organizer with no reputation gets to take the fall while he says “tee hee it’s not my rally I’m just a speaker.” Only this time they are going to escalate the situation with guns.”

“Weev” warned his readers:

“Please think carefully about the potential risks of this situation. I beg you, do not show up to this thing.”

“Richard Spencer acts like someone with a trust fund of his size. Arrogant, selfish, narcissistic, jumping from project to project without any desire to bring any of them to completion. Aimless, rootless, planless. This time, he’s going in planless with guns. “

When the publisher of “The Daily Stormer” and his webmaster are the cool heads in the room, that should tell you something about the mental state of Richard Spencer.

Spencer’s friends in the“Anticom” terror group are now telling their followers to be prepared for Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch’s rally at the University of Florida in Gainesville on October 19th.

Anticom Flag

How Does the Alt-Right Choose Their Targets of Attack?

Richard Spencer’s goal, since his inception of the “Alt-Right”, has been the creation of an “all white ethnostate”.

Instead of focusing his rage on the few nonwhite citizens of his own tiny hamlet of Whitefish, Montana, which is 93.6% white, he, Jason Kessler, Mike Enoch and the other leaders of the Alt-Right have consistently targeted cities with large minority populations, in order to foment a “race war”, and to incite their followers into ethnically cleansing those whom they judge to be “undesirable” and “degenerate”.

In May of 2017, Richard Spencer and his close friend, and fellow Alt-Right leader Jason Kessler, targeted Charlottesville, Virginia, because of it’s 45% minority population. All of the posturing in front of the media about the Confederate statues and “history” is mendacious.

Jason Kessler  was an admitted leftist provocateur, right up until he decided to support Trump and the Alt-Right in November of 2016. He could care less about “heritage”, and has admitted that he is only in it for the violence.

Richard Spencer thinks that Charlottesville is a “provincial” town, and laughs at the stupidity of its white residents, and calls conservatives and Trump supporters “cucks.” He has stated that he is, in fact a “Bolshevik” provocateur, and his only goal is to foment a “race war” in order to create a “white ethnostate” in America.

In this video, calls Charlottesville “provincial” and incites a race war against the minority population of Charlottesville:

Richard Spencer has asked fellow Alt-Right leader Mike Enoch to speak with him at the rally in Gainesville. Enoch and Spencer have been openly bragging about how they  got away with the terrorist attack in Charlottesville, and how the driver of the car used in the attack, James Fields Jr, “did nothing wrong” and that “he deserves a medal”.

Mike “Enoch” Peinovich


Why Florida? The Florida Neo-Nazi Terror Connections

One reason that Spencer and Enoch have targeted Gainesville, Florida, is because of it’s 44% minority population. 

The other reason is far more sinister.

Richard Spencer has been under fire recently by other members of the “Alt-Right”, for not being militant enough, and for canceling the armed Neo-Nazi march that he had planned for Charlotte on December 28th.

It is believed by many in the Alt-Right that Spencer may also have selected Florida for his speeches, in order to appear to be more militant to the many Neo-Nazi terror cells there, including Anticom, which Spencer openly supports, and Atomwaffen Division, which is based in Orlando, and who’s members have been arrested by the FBI and Tampa police for possessing bomb-making material. The group also regards Omar Mateen, the Orlando night club shooter, as “a hero”.

Atomwaffen Division Flag

In May of 2017, Alt-Right member Devon Arthurs, murdered his two roommates and fellow Atomwaffen Division terror cell members, after suddenly converting to Islam, and declaring himself a “Salafist National Socialist.”

Atomwaffen Division’s Flyer Celebrating Murderer Devon Arthur

Devon Arthurs carried out his attack at the exact same time that Jason Kessler was organizing his “dry-run” for the Charlottesville rally. Kessler watched while he and Spencer’s followers, including members of Vanguard America, planned using vehicles as weapons to run over protesters.

The Atomwaffen Division and Anticom Neo-Nazi terrorist groups run a message board called “The Iron March Forum”, in which they applaud Devon Arthurs, Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Christopher Cantwell.

Throughout the Charlottesville rally, and after the terrorist attack there, the Iron March members were lauding Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, and Mike Enoch as heros and calling for more violent attacks at their future rallies.

Many “Iron March” members are concerned that Richard Spencer is too weak, and that he and other Alt-Right members should be more like their hero Dylann Roof, who was convicted in December 2016, of the Charleston shooting of nine African Americans, who were attending a church service. Roof was a supporter of the Alt-Right and a regular contributor to “The Daily Stormer”, which has always supported Spencer philosophically, but not always tactically.

While Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch preen before the media in Gainesville on Thursday, and whine about “Southern heritage” and “ethnic displacement”, it is clear that their Florida followers have something far more sinister planned.

Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Eli Mosley meticulously planned the Charlottesville attack over many months.

Jason Kessler conspired with Neo-Nazis on his personal Discord server to cross state lines, and to come to Charlottesville and march through African American neighborhoods, while carrying firearms and Nazi and ISIS flags. He also watched as they carefully planned using vehicles as weapons to mow down protesters.

Richard Spencer planned, what other Alt-Right members have called a “bloodbath”, on December 28th. He wanted it to be another Charlottesville.

He wanted a march, with torches, armor and Nazi flags. This time, however, he wanted to add something. He wanted something different.

He wanted them to bring guns, which would have been a clear escalation of the “race war” that he said that he has been fomenting since he invented the Alt-Right.

Cooler heads, and we say that with much irony,  prevailed, and they told him to call off the march.

Will cooler heads prevail in Gainesville? Will Anticom, the Atomwaffen Division, the League of the South, the National Socialist Movement, and all of the other Neo-Nazi terror groups stay home on Thursday? We hope so, but we ask everyone to remain vigilant.

Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, and Mike Enoch are clearly escalating their rhetoric and tactics after their humiliation on August 12th. Like cornered rats, they are getting desperate. Don’t give them what they want.


Unicorn Riot has just confirmed that Richard Spencer contacted the Neo-Nazi group “Anticom” and asked them to provide security at his October 19th speech at the University of Florida:

Our suspicions have been confirmed. Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch have asked a Neo-Nazi group to provide armed “security” for them at the event. What could possibly go wrong?


Thanks to Unicorn Riot for this breaking news. Well done:

Unicorn Riot has also obtained evidence that Richard Spencer’s personal bodyguard, whom he affectionately calls “Caerulus Rex” is an active member of the National Guard, and hosts a Neo-Nazi podcast called “Salting the Earth”, in which he makes racist and antisemitic comments: