James Fields Jr. May Have Been Present While Jason Kessler Planned Attacks

Key Points for Investigators of the Charlottesville Terrorist Attacks

James Fields Jr. May Have Been Present While Jason Kessler Planned Attacks

On August 19th, Alt-Right Exposed Blog broke the story that Alt-Right leader Jason Kessler watched while the cowardly car attack was planned on his private Discord server:

Alt-Right Leader Jason Kessler Watched While Car Attacks Were Planned on His Server

In that article, we showed that a white supremacist named “Gustavschwer-OH”, from Ohio, was logged into Jason Kessler’s server while the attack was being planned. The Ohio member confirmed that he would attend Jason Kessler’s rally, as shown in this screen shot:

James Fields, Jr., the driver of the car in the attack, was from Ohio, and he held rank in, and wore the uniform of the Neo-Nazi terrorist group “Vanguard America”.

We think that lawyers and investigators should look into whether James Fields, Jr used the nickname and avatar “Gustavschwer-OH”. This would establish a solid link between attack planner Jason Kessler , James Fields, and the “Vanguard America” terror cell.


Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler Encouraged Nazi Flags and Armed Intimidation of African Americans

On August 25th, we uncovered evidence that Alt-Right leaders Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer encouraged their followers to bring weapons to the rally, and to use Nazi flags in order to intimidate and harass the African American residents of Charlottesville, while marching through a predominately African-American neighborhood.

Alt-Right Leader Jason Kessler Wanted Nazi and ISIS Flags at Failed Rally

Jason Kessler was moderating a discussion in which another Virginia organizer named “Frederick De Peyrens” told their followers that they official Unite the Right uniform should be a swastika shirt, with a pistol, knife and openly carried shotgun. along with a bandoleer of ammunition, as shown in this screen shot:


Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer Invited Armed, Violent , Racist Convict Christopher Cantwell to Incite Crowd at Charlottesville Rally

On August 23rd, we brought to light the fact that Christopher Cantwell, in his “Radical Agenda” podcast, has called for the gunning down of police officers in cold blood, overthrowing the U.S. government, and the assassination of government officials.

In 2014, Christopher Cantwell celebrated the cowardly murder of Asian-American police officer Wenjian Liu and Hispanic officer Rafael Ramos in New York City.

On the day before the Charlottesville rally, Cantwell was involved in a parking lot dispute where guns were drawn. Cantwell ran from the scene and hid out, so he was, thankfully, unable to speak at the failed rally.

Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler knew that Christopher Cantwell was a career criminal, a convicted drug dealer, and someone who had openly called for the gunning down of African Americans, and they invited him to cross state lines, while armed, to rile up the crowds at the rally.

More on Cantwell here…

Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch are now Bragging about the Attack and Saying that Fields “Did Nothing Wrong”

On August 22nd, we reported that Alt-Right leaders Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch openly bragged about the success of the attack on The Daily Shoah” podcast. Enoch stated that alleged terrorist James Fields Jr., “did nothing wrong” and that he should “get a medal”:

Alt-Right Leader Mike Enoch Attacks Heather Heyer – Says James Fields Jr. “Deserves a Medal”

Spencer and Enoch laughed all through the broadcast about how they got away with the attack, and even named the episode of their broadcast ““GVF-1111”, in honor of James Fields, Jr., who was driving a car with that license plate number, when he killed Heather Heyer and hospitalized thirty others.


Key Points for Lawyers, Investigators and Citizens

Although we mourn the tragic death of Heather Heyer and pray for the recovery of the thirty other victims who were hospitalized after the cowardly terrorist attack, we feel that the original intent of Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, Christopher Cantwell and Mike Enoch was far more sinister, and that they had conspired and planned for much more violence to occur at the rally.

It is clear, from their months of prior planning, including Jason Kessler’s “dry-run” of the rally on May 14th, that Kessler, Spencer, Enoch and the others knowingly conspired to descend upon Charlotteville, Virginia, in order to use the town as a platform to unite others behind their message of white supremacy, and to incite violence against nonwhites, Jews and their allies.

In this video, Richard Spencer is inciting his followers to take part in a “race war” against nonwhites, and Jews in Charlottesville, in May of 2017, at Jason Kessler’s “dry-run” of the rally:

Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer:

1) Ran a Discord server where they discussed using vehicles to mow down protesters.

2) Encouraged their members to cross state lines with firearms in order to intimidate African Americans.

3) Encouraged their members to wear swastikas, and to carry both firearms, and Nazi and Confederate battle flags, through predominately African American neighborhoods, in order to intimidate, harass and terrorize.

4) Invited a known career criminal, meth addict, and violent racist, who often called for terrorist attacks against police and minorities, to speak at the rally and incite to the crowd to violence.

5) Are now openly bragging about the attack, and mocking the victims.

Here is how Jason Kessler responded to the murder of Heather Heyer:



May those who perpetrated these cowardly acts on American soil be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and may their names then be blotted from history. They will not replace us.


We are grateful for the efforts of Roberta Kaplan and all of the other lawyers who are working hard to seek justice for the victims of these cowardly terrorists. We hope that they are successful in all of their efforts.

Lawyers vs. White Supremacists:


The Complaint (pdf):