Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right Circus – Socialists, Occupiers, Satanists and Crybabies

Richard Spencer’s  Alt-Right Circus – Socialists, Occupiers, Satanists and Crybabies

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A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right Circus from altrightexposedblog

“As a general thing, I have not ‘duped the world’ nor attempted to do so… I have generally given people the worth of their money twice told.”  -P.T. Barnum

In this article, we present the leaders of the “Alt-Right” movement. Step right up, grab some cotton candy and enjoy the show under the big tent!

Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer has a page of his own here: (notice the purple shirt?)

Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer Admits to Being a Socialist – Calls Trump Supporters “Cucks”

Jason Kessler

Jason Kessler has been in the news a bit lately, and we have a few pages about him here:

Jason Kessler Admits to Being A Leftist Provocateur

Charlottesville Newspaper Confirms Jason Kessler Was Liberal Activist – Occupy Supporter

Alt-Right Leader Jason Kessler Watched While Car Attacks Were Planned on His Server

Mike Enoch (Mike Peinovich)

(Mike “Enoch” is in the middle. His Jewish wife is on the right. His black half-brother is on the left.)

Mike Enoch hosts the “Daily Shoah” podcast, in which he says that the Jews deserved the Holocaust, bashes gays and calls for the police to gun down black people. Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer is often a panelist on the broadcast, along with Eli Mosley.

After the complete failure of the Charlottesville rally, Enoch hosted a broadcast in which he said that the “world was a better place” after Heather Heyer was murdered, and that the alleged terrorist, James Fields Jr. “should get a medal” and that “he did nothing wrong”.

More details are in our article here:

Alt-Right Leader Mike Enoch Attacks Heather Heyer – Says James Fields Jr. “Deserves a Medal”

In spite of being being exposed by white nationalists, and by his local newspaper, as living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and having a Jewish wife and children, Richard Spencer has stood by his side, and has promoted him as a leader of the “Alt-Right”.

Baked Alaska (Tim Gionet)

(Baked Alaska is on the left, holding his ever present selfie stick)

Liberal Buzzfeed reporter Tim Gionet, organized rallies for Black Lives Matter, and actively participated in their street demonstrations against the police, right up until he suddenly re-invented himself as “Baked Alaska” on Twitter, as soon as Trump was nominated as the Republican candidate for President.

Gionet speaks Russian, has traveled to Russia over 15 times, and was an aspiring rap artist, right up until he magically transformed himself into a Trump supporter. As a Trump supporter, “Baked Alaska” started railing against “the Jews” and “Jewish control” of the media.

Baked Alaska was a liberal, Soros funded Black Lives Matter activist that suddenly appeared out of nowhere after Trump’s nomination, and started making inflammatory comments against Jewish people.

Alaska’s only claim to fame from the doomed Charlottesville rally was that someone allegedly sprayed him with pepper spray. There were no eyewitnesses to the alleged spraying, and there is missing footage from the video that exactly coincides with the time when he said that he was “maced”. He never let go of his “selfie stick”during the event, and he immediately went on Twitter and started begging for donations, while saying that he was “blinded permanently”.

His eyesight seems fine enough to Tweet endlessly, but it is doubtful that any of the donations that he raised will be returned to his followers.

Augustus Invictus (Austin Gillespie)

(Augustus “Sol” Invictus, looking quite Masonic)

If George Soros were to contact central casting to find someone that he could use in order to literally demonize the right in the United States, he could not do better than Augustus Invictus.

Augustus “Sol” Invictus, (born Austin Gilespie), is an attorney who’s claim to fame is that he sacrificed a goat and drank it’s blood in the middle of his run for Florida governor in 2014.

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

“The chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida has resigned to call attention to Invictus’ candidacy in hopes that other party leaders will denounce him. Adrian Wyllie, who was the Libertarian candidate for governor last year, says Invictus wants to lead a civil war, is trying to recruit neo-Nazis to the party and brutally and sadistically dismembered a goat.”

“It’s an awkward situation for the small party that’s trying to gain clout.”

“”He is the absolute exact opposite of a Libertarian. He’s a self-proclaimed fascist. He’s promoting a second civil war,” Wyllie said. “It’s absolute insanity. We must explain to people this is the opposite of Libertarians. This guy has no place in the Libertarian Party.””

Augustus Invictus is a Thelemite, and follows the philosophy of Aleister Crowley, who has been denounced in the popular press as “the wickedest man in the world” and a Satanist.

Crowley often promoted human sacrifice:

“The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or the Triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape.”

“For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”

“But the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best.”

(Aleister Crowley would have loved the Alt-Right)

Earlier, in 2013, Augustis Invictus renounced his American citizenship and called for a “Second American Civil War”. He has also written papers advocating eugenics policies, even though he has four Hispanic children.

Augustus Invictus went to court to defend Marcus Faella, the head of the Neo-Nazi group American Front. Faella was charged in Osceola County, Florida on charges of preparing for race war. In September, a jury found Faella guilty of two counts of teaching and conducting paramilitary training in Central Florida’s largest domestic-terrorism case.

Right after Donald Trump’s election, Augustus Invictus changed his party affiliation to Republican. He suddenly began saying that he “loved” Trump, and lauded him as a “cultural icon”.

Since that time, Augustus Invictus has been heavily promoted by former Occupy Wall Street operative Jason Kessler and admitted socialist Richard Spencer. Spencer had Invictus speak at the doomed Alt-Right Rally in Charlottesville. No goats were sacrificed at that rally, but one person was murdered and thirty others were hospitalized.

So, here we have a goat-sacrificing, blood drinking, Neo-Nazi defending attorney who advocates race war and eugenics suddenly being promoted as a leader of the Alt-Right. One might ask, with friends like this, who needs enemies?

Christopher Cantwell

(Christopher Cantwell, the “weeping Nazi”)

While not as “exciting” as Augustus Sol Invictus, Alt-Right leader Christopher Cantwell would be good for some comic relief, if he did not have such a troubled, dark past.

Christopher Cantwell is a career criminal, convicted drug dealer and failed stand up comic from upscale Stony Brook, Long Island in New York.

He was very active CopBlock, a radical anti-police activist group which supports Black Lives Matter.

Cantwell puts out a podcast called the “Radical Agenda”, where he calls for gunning down police officers in cold blood, overthrowing the U.S. government, and the assassination of government officials.

Unlike his buddy Mike Enoch, who hosts a podcast in which he says that the police should gun down black youth, Cantwell hosts one in which he says that black youth should gun down the police.

In 2014, Christopher Cantwell celebrated the cowardly murder of police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos in New York City, by Black Lives Matter supporter and member of the Black Guerrila Family, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley.

(Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, hero of Christopher Cantwell)

On the day before the Charlottesville rally, Cantwell was involved in a parking lot dispute where guns were drawn. Police were called, but no one was arrested, so Cantwell and his group left the scene.

Cantwell hid out, because he was too scared to speak at the Rally. He resurfaced later in a Periscope broadcast, in which he literally cried.

He later was ridiculed worldwide as the “weeping Nazi”, after his video went viral. In the video, he said that he was scared of the police, and was even scared of Chelsea Manning, who he thought was threatening to “curb-stomp” him.

This would all be quite funny, except for the fact that Christopher Cantwell was invited to come to Charlottesville and speak, fully armed, after he had been threatening to gun down police officers, and celebrating the death of New York police officers by a Black Lives Matter terrorist.

Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler invited this unstable, drunk convict to speak and incite the crowd at the Charlottesville rally.

Were they hoping for something far bigger to happen than just James Fields Jr.?

Wrap up

At this point, it is clear to any right-minded individuals that if you go to a an event organized by Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, or any of the speakers at the failed Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, you are walking into a trap, a bloodbath, or both.