Alt-Right Leader Mike Enoch Attacks Heather Heyer – Says James Fields Jr. “Deserves a Medal”

Alt-Right Leader Mike Enoch Attacks Heather Heyer – Says James Fields Jr. “Deserves a Medal”

Mike Enoch says “The world is a better place” without Heather Heyer and that James Fields Jr “should get a medal”. Richard Spencer and Eli Mosley cheer him on.

Mike Enoch (Mike Peinovich)

Right in the wake of Alt-Right leader Jason Kessler’s statement on Twitter, in which he said that Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer was a “fat, disgusting communist” and that her murder was “payback”, another Alt-Right leader has come out to attack the victim.

Mike Peinovich, a.k.a. Mike Enoch, one of the leaders and speakers at the doomed Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville, said on his “Daily Shoah” broadcast:

“As far as the cat lady that was killed… this is the police’s fault for failure to control their own streets.”

“He added: “I don’t give a s–t about this dead cat lady. Whatever. The world is a better place. But the murderer is not the driver of the car. … He did nothing wrong. Frankly, he should get a medal. Let’s be honest. But legally he did nothing wrong.”

Enoch named the special post Charlottesville episode of his show “GVF-1111”, in honor of James Fields, Jr., who was driving a car with that license plate number, when he allegedly killed Heather Heyer and hospitalized thirty others, in what government officials have referred to as an act of domestic terrorism.

Richard Spencer and Eli Mosley were both on the broadcast, cheering and egging Mike Enoch on, as he defamed Heather Heyer, the police and “the Jews”.

Mike Enoch, in his “The Daily Shoah” podcast, says that the Jews deserved the Holocaust, bashes gays, and often calls for the police to gun down black people. Alt-Right leaders Richard Spencer and Eli Mosley are often panelists on his show.

These leaders of the Alt-Right are honoring a man that many view as a domestic terrorist. They are saying that he “deserves a medal”, and that the “world is a better place” without Heather Heyer. In this author’s opinion, the world would be a better place without Jason Kessler, Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer and Eli Mosley.


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